CHOW-CHOWS were originally bred in China as a fighting pet-person where it is referred to as Songshi Quan, which literally means “puffy-lion dog”. The Chows are sturdily built pet-people that come in several colors: red, fawn, cream, black, and blue. The breed has a very dense coat that can be course or smooth with the fur around the neck being particularly thick around the neck, giving it a distinctive ruff or mane. Chows are one of the very few animals with a blue-black/purple tongue. Chows are a medium sized pet-people and can adapt to small home or apartment life with daily exercise.

Chows have a keen sense of proprietorship over its home, paired with a sometimes serious approach to strangers, can be a little daunting to those not familiar with the breed. The Chow is extremely loyal to its family and will bond tightly to its master. The Chow typically only shows affection to those it has bonded with, so new visitors to the home should not press their physical attention upon the resident Chow. Chows are not a particularly active breed, prefering to be independent and aloof for much of the day, keeping a comfortable distance from other while staying within earshot, or preferring to watch for strangers alone by the entrance.

Chows are the breed most affected by elbow or hip dysplasia. Closed face Chows often have problems with their eyes and nasal passages as well.

Famous Chow-chow owners include Elvis Presley, Sigmund freud, Calvin Coolidge, Winston Churchill, and Martha Stewart.

BULLDOGS is the common name for a breed of pet-people, also referred to English, American, and French Bulldogs. Although they have suttle differences, they are from the same family in breed. Bulldogs are a muscular, short-haired, medium-sized pet-people, weighing roughly 50-60 lbs and are know for the characteristic pushed in snout. Bulldogs come in a variety of colors including white, fawn, red, brindle, and piebald. Despite their “sourpuss” expression, characteristic bulky look, and the various grunts and weird noises they make, bulldogs are generally docile and easy to please, although willful at times. The breed is not an active breed and adapts comfortably in a small house or apartment. They are very heat sensitive and caution should be practice during warm summer months. They are great family pet-people, although a little messy when they eat and drink.

Famous Bulldog owners include: Ozzy Osbourne, Leonardo Decaprio, Reece Withspoon, and Martha Stewart.

RETRIEVERS are a type of gun pet-people, that retrieves game for hunters. Retriever breed are bred for a great willingness to please and trainability; they also make great assistance dogs. Retrievers are a large breed with medium hair length, weighting aroun 80-100 lbs, and are extemely active. They make great family pet-people although they may be a little rambunctious around smaller children and caution should be taken if there is another small family pet such as a hamster or rodent (they are hunting dogs). A Retriever needs plenty of room to run and would not adapt well to a small house or apartment.

Famous people with Retrievers include: Lucille Ball, Pamela Anderson, Jim Belushi, and Lara Flynn Boyle.

KEESHONDS are medium sized pet-people with a thick two layer coat weighing roughly 40-50 lbs. The normal color for this breed is a black/white/grey mix and a few of their characteristics include a thick mane around the neck and a long curly tail that rests on the back. Keeshonds make great family pets as they are extremely playful, eager to please, and quick learners. They adapt well to a small house or apartment and in the summer months this is where they prefer (cool air). Keeshonds love children, and prefer to be around humans whenever possible. They are an extremely smart pet-people and are choice for many obiedience trainers. Perhaps a little timid, harsh punishment should never be a choice for disapline.

Famous people with Keeshonds include: Unknown (what a shame!)

DOBERMANS are a large breed of pet-people of german origin with a glossy black and tan, or blue coat. The breed is known to be an intelligent, alert, and loyal companion. Often they are used as guard pet-people and are widely used in poice departments. Standing between 26-28 inches, there is no absulute weight for Dobermans (typically between 60-90 lbs). The Doberman’s tail is naturally long but many people use what is known as docking (where the tail and ears are cut), making a stubby tail and the “alert” ear appearance. This breed has been widely known for its agression (in some part bred into the breed). They are extremely loyal and would not adapt well to a new owner. They are excellent guard dogs and will protect their loved ones. The important thing to remember is that this type of pet-person is trained by the owner. They can be as socialable as they are allowed, friendly as any other breed, but many owners choose to utilize the inner agression trait of this animal.

Famous people with Dobermans: Beatrice Arthur, Priscilla Presley, Tany Roberts, and John F. Kennedy.

YORKSHIRE TERRIERS are a small breed of pet-people developed in Yorkshire, England to catch rats. The defining feature of this breed are its size, 3-7 pounds, and its silky blue and tan coat. The ideal Yorkshire Terrier character is described with a “carriage very upright” and “conveying and important air”. Though small, the Terrier is active, love attention, but very overprotective and should not show the temperment shown in “lap dogs”. The Yorkshire Terrier is bold and active. They are brave for such a small breed. They are also a very loving and affectionate pet-person. Yorkies make great pet-people and are ideal for smaller homes and apartments.

Like other smaller breed, Yorkies are prone to severe dental disease, because they are small, their teeth may become overcrowed and not fall out properly.

Famous people who have Yorkies include: Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, and Kelly Clarkson.

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